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We Help Businesses Achieve Superior Results


Who is US Business Advisers...and What Do We Do?

Failure is not an option.  Businesses fail at an alarming rate.  Now more than ever many business owners are struggling.  We exist to help business owners get the help that they need...not just to survive, but to thrive.  We visit with business owners of all types and sizes.  Our goal is to help identify problems or opportunities that you business is encountering, then we work with you to find a resource partner who can help you solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.


Our agents simply offer a free consultation to identify your biggest concerns or challenges, then we recommend proven business leaders in your area that have the experience and expertise to help your business reach its potential.

A Formula for Success...We Create Win-Win Relationships

  • We Identify Problems and/or Opportunities

  • We Recommend Tools, Resources, and Vendors Who Can Help

  • We Can Provide Necessary Financial Services

  • We Help Create Strategic Alliances with Business Partners

  • We Can Find Joint Venture Partners, Investors, and/or Buyers

  • We Help Create Networking Groups

Free Consultation...Maybe We Can Help

Essential Business Service Providers


Legal Services

Legal issues can devastate a business and keep you up at night.  A legal review of your potential liabilities can prevent issues in the first place.  For help with any legal issue, don't try to handle it yourself.  Get qualified expert legal advice.



Having a good trusted accountant, CPA, bookkeeper, and tax advisor can give you more time to focus on other business matters.  You need an experienced CPA that can take care of all of your needs:  tax preparation, payroll, and accounting.


Business Loans & Financing

Our firm has developed relationships with dozens of the top lending institutions, private investors, consumer financing companies, and credit card processors. We offer great rates and fast approvals. Talk to one of our lending experts today.


Marketing and Advertising

Every business needs new customers to survive.  Every business should have a marketing budget and a marketing plan.  Get a free analysis from a marketing professional in your area to increase the effectiveness of every marketing effort.


Printing and Design

The digital age has certainly changed the way that we do a lot of business, yet printed forms and marketing materials are still essential in business today.  A print design expert can  review your printing needs.  Maybe it is time to upgrade your image.

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Web Design, SEO, Social Media

In the digital world of e-commerce today a modern clean website is an absolute must have.  It also has to be responsive on all types of devices.  Your businesses future depends upon a good online presence.  We have great vendors to grow your business.

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Computer IT Services

Computer technology today is a vital part of every business function.  If you have computer problems you business can slow down or shut down completely.  Worse yet, computer hacking can devastate your business and cost you tens or hundreds of thousands in lost revenue or costs to restore your system.

Business Insurance.PNG

Business Insurance

Your company may be at risk for serious loss due to lack of business insurance or under insurance.  A quick review with a licensed business insurance specialist can give you peace of mind and better protect the business from costly legal issues.  Stay protected for what you have worked so hard to create. Get a free review.

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Consumer Loans/Processing

A great way to increase sales is through offering a variety of payment options.  Our partners offer a host of consumer payment solutions that are easy to administer.  We might also be able to get a better rate on credit card processing.  Increase sales by offering financing.  Get a free review of you paymnent processing.

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Health Benefits

One of the major concerns for most workers these days is health care issues.  Make sure that you are taking good care of your employees by giving them access to the best group or individual heal6th plans available.  A quick review with a licensed health insurance professional can make sure that you've got the best plan. Don't forget to include dental and vision.

Human Resources.PNG

Human Resources

Finding and keeping top talent today is a fulltime job.  Outsourcing your businesses

HR tasks can save your a lot of time and money, and you may even get you better results.  Things like payroll services, hiring, background checks and even "systematized" training and regulation compliance is done for you.  Keep your employees happier.


Marketing Needs Assessment

A Free Consultation with an experienced business adviser can give you some insights into your business that could prove invaluable.  Then if you need help creating a detailed plan and help help implementing a plan, consider hiring a consultant on a per-project basis.  Even if you think that you have it all together, a second opinion could always help.


Free Marketing Assessment

We love marketing and we are good at it. Marketing is the life blood of every business. Many business owners haven't revised their marketing plan in decades, even if their marketing strategies aren't working.  Worse yet, many businesses do not have a marketing plan or budget.  A free initial marketing needs assessment can give you new insights--a fresh perspective. 


Retirement Planning

Retirement planning for business owners and their employees is one of the last things that most businesses pay attention to.  However, this is a crucial function if you want to attract and keep top-notch employees.  Let one of our experts help you and your employees get the information that they need to be able to make good retirement savings decisions.  There is no cost or obligation.

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Business Brokerage

Do you as the business owner have an exit strategy?  It is never too soon to start planning your exit strategy.  Do it now. Waiting  could be a huge mistake.  We can help put together a transition plan for peace of mind.  Also a business broker can your business grow by the acquition or merger  with of other businesses.  We can give your a free business valuation to find out what your business is worth.

Free Consultation

We represent a variety of business experts that can offer your business a wide range of tools and resources to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.  Get in contact with one of our local US Business Adviser Agents in your area today.  

Most of our clients offer a complimentary consultation on the phone, online meeting, or in person.  We offer all business owners a free 15 minute business needs assessment.  We have a twenty-question survey that can reveal some important insights into your business.  

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